In a beautiful display of communal harmony, the Cheruvally Muslim Jamaat mosque in Kerala’s Alappuzha, held a Hindu wedding ceremony within its premises.

The photo, shared by the Chief Minister of the state Pinarayi Vijayan shows the bride and the groom in front of the holy fire, surrounded by guests from both sides.

In the caption for the photo, Pinarayi Vijayan mentioned that there are many examples of such gestures being offered in Kerala and that the state is ‘one and we will stay united’.

As per a report from the Times of India, the mother of the bride had urged the mosque authorities to give them a space for the function because it was difficult for their financially struggling family to arrange for one.

Times of India/Image for Representation

The mosque took no time in agreeing, and not only allowed the wedding but also the sadya – a feast for the relatives.

Apart from this, they also gave the couple a gift of ₹ 2 lakh and 10 sovereigns of gold.

This is indeed not the first time the state has shown such communal harmony and it’s heartwarming to see people from different religions in the region, helping each other out.