With coronavirus scare becoming a bigger reality with each passing day, the uncertainty of things is now looming large.

So, the best way to stay safe is by following the rules that we are absolutely sure, will help.

social distancing during corona
Source: Moneycontrol

Social distancing being one of them, and a great example of it was this beverages outlet in Kannur district of Kerala.

One can see how they are standing at a safe distance from each other, which is commendable since there is no one telling to do them, in sight.

Various public places across the country have been shut down due to coronavirus scare, but some like this beverage shop are still functioning.

To every one visiting these places, this serves as a great example of taking care of oneself and others.

Public places in India
Source: New Indian Express

It should be something people practice every where, every time they have to step outside. 

Kerala leading by example, once again.