The pandemic has widened the already huge disparity between the rich and the poor in this country. And one of the most affected by this has been underprivileged students, who have not had access to online education. 

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And while online education has already been a setback for many, for kids in rural areas, it has simply been inaccessible. 

But in Kerala, five students from the 12th grade of Pallikoodam School at Kalathipady in Kottayam have come together to help these underprivileged kids. Nihal Mathew, Niranjan Menon, Vinayak Dinesh, Kurien George Kalarickal, and Kurien Kalarickal have come together to collect funds to buy tablets for these kids. 


The students have created a crowdfunding page and asked people for their help so that underprivileged kids can continue their education online. 

The pandemic has widened the social gap, especially with everything going digital. Unfortunately, many students of government schools do not have access to a smartphone or tablet, and this puts them at a serious disadvantage. 

Issuing a statement about the same, their school told reporters: 

The students launched an online crowdfunding campaign on June 12 and they raised over Rs 4 lakh. Using the money, they bought and donated 40 tablets to students of two government-run schools in Kanam and Kumarakom in the district. 

You can also donate and help those kids here