In a bizarre turn of events, a burglar broke into a house in Kochi but had to abort his mission since he realized he has broken into an army man’s house. 

The thief, who apparently became patriotic after finding the soldier’s cap, wrote an apologetic message on the wall before walking away, reports Hindustan Times.

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The letter, written with a marker in Malayalam, indicated that the burglar became apologetic after finding the Army man’s cap and uniform. 

It read: 

I broke the Seventh Commandant of the Bible. I had no idea it was the house of a soldier. I realised this when I saw the uniform and cap. Kindly forgive me officer. 
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Even though the burglar apologized for breaking into the house, he still couldn’t resist stealing some liquor and also pocketed ₹1500 from the house before leaving. 

The incident took place in Kochi’s Tripunithura on Tuesday, February 18. 

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The aborted robbery bid was first reported by a housemaid who was welcomed by a shocking note on one of the walls in the house. 

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The burglar also mentioned, in his note, that he had stolen a bag from a nearby shop and that it must be returned to the shop’s owner. 

It was later found out that at least four shops and houses had been robbed at the same night. 

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Despite an attempt to portray the stalled robbery as a patriotic act, the police believed it could be a well-planned move to distract the police from catching the culprits.