What would you do if you woke up and found out that your tap is flowing with alcohol instead of water? 

I’d probably thank my luck or pinch myself twice just to be sure that this is reality and not just a dream. 

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Apparently, according to News18, this became a reality for a few families in Kerala’s Thrissur district on Monday, February 3. 

Residents of Solomon’s Avenue Flat woke up to find out that their houses have turned into pubs overnight with an unreal flow of alcohol from their taps. 

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According to Malayalam Manorama, the bizarre phenomena, of alcohol flowing with tap water, occurred with 18 families. 

Upon inspection, it was found out that this happened due to the state department’s poor efforts to destroy gallons of seized liquor. 

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Apparently, a local bar – named Rachana – was charged for unlawfully storing 6,000 litres of liquor. 

The excise department, who was then asked to dispose off the illegal liquor, dug up a pit on the bar premises and emptied one bottle after the other. 

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Little did anyone think that the alcohol would get absorbed and mix with the groundwater used by residents of Solomon’s Avenue Flat situated nearby. 

Thus it was not a sign from God but just a comic error by the state excise department, which led to this mess for the residents. 

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Frustrated by the goof-up, the residents knocked on the doors of Chalakudy Municipal Secretary and Health Department to take action against the excise officials.