The preamble of the Indian Constitution lays down its fundamental values and sets the main objectives that the laws of the country shall seek to achieve. The prevailing situation in the country has brought the democratic and constitutional values of the Constitution under attack.

Keeping this in mind, Kerala government has proposed a plan to make reading of Preamble of the Constitution a part of school and college assemblies.

India Today

Speaking at the student leaders’ conclave in Calicut, Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan explained the logic behind this plan. He said:

To create social awareness regarding the importance of protecting the Constitution, state government will take necessary steps to ensure that preamble of the Constitution is read out during school college assemblies.

The state government has come up with this decision after several student union leaders demanded that Constitutional studies be made a part of college and school curriculum.

Other major announcements at the conclave were 50% reservation for women representatives in college union elections and sex education as part of the education curriculum. The government also plans to keep university libraries open 24/7 without any restrictions for girls.


Earlier, Kerala state assembly had also passed a resolution to not implement the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act.