Tired of the boringly bland meals served during train journeys across the country ? The half-hearted attempts at picking on clubbed globs of unappetising items on your plate need not be your only recourse to eating while travelling in trains. Good news comes in the form of all those f ast food chain restaurants which let you order while on the go. Now, Kentucky Fried Chicken is partnering with Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) to offer you the yummies for your tummies.

Of course, KFC is not the first restaurant chain to start this service. In February, Domino’s had introduced its facility to deliver pizzas to train travellers either online or by making a phone call.

The service kicked off on July 20 and is currently available on 12 trains passing through New Delhi railway station and will be expanded to be made available at Vishakhapatnam, Hyderabad (Kacheguda) and Bengaluru (Yesvantpur) stations over the next 10 days.

Initially, the service will be limited to trains which do not have pantry cars and subsequently would be expanded to trains like Rajdhani and Duronto.

Recently, KFC released a statement that says,“In India, train journeys and meals are inextricably linked and we are excited to bring KFC’s e-catering service to Indian railways. As a much-loved restaurant brand, we think that this initiative gives us a great opportunity to bring the craveable taste and quality of KFC to our fans, even when they are travelling. We intend to expand the service to other stations over the next few days,” said Dhruv Kaul, chief marketing officer, KFC India.

Food served inside railway coaches | Source: railwayreservation.co.in

Consumers will have to visit the IRCTC website or call on 18001034139 (Toll Free) to place their order. A password will then be sent by KFC to the consumer’s mobile phone which will have to be mentioned at the time of delivery.

Source: Kourtney Heintz’s Journal

E-catering service is a joint effort from KFC and IRCTC to provide fresh food to passengers on trains.

So next time when you think of relishing your hunger while traveling with Indian Railways you can always go for a chicken bucket or a burger instead of the regular meals which just make your journey humdrum.