Over the past few days, farmers have taken to the streets, across several states, to protest the passing of the three agriculture reform bills in the Parliament.

And, in a bid to express their support to the farmers, volunteers from Khalsa Aid, an UK-based international Sikh charity were seen distributing food and water to the protesters.

The NGO has also set up a makeshift kitchen to make meals for over 15,000 farmers who are protesting. A volunteer in an interview said: 

While farm unions have refused the help, we are still here to show our solidarity with them. 

Also, they have been serving Langar to the farmers in Mansa, Jalandhar, Barnala and Shambu.

They’ve been distributing food, refreshments, snacks and water to all the agitators and they have no plans of stopping. 

People on social media also appreciated their efforts. 


They want to serve the people in whichever way possible and that’s what they truly believe in- serving humanity. 

Kudos to them!