Coronavirus, the pandemic, has shaken the entire world at this point – and one thinks whether there is any solution for it.

While that is not something which can be answered immediately, people have come up with their own ways to deal with pandamic.

Some are buying masks.

The Nation

Some are buying every hand sanitiser available online.

News 18

Some are distancing themselves from crowds.


Some are raising money.

Raising money? For what?

For Doritos and kebabs. Is there anything else worth raising money for?

So, the story: 13-year-old Oliver Cooper from Leeds charged his classmates 50 pence for a squirt of handwash, figuring it was the best way to raise some money using panic in his favour.

He was successful in making a profit of £7.40, which he used to buy a multipack of Doritos and kebabs for dinner.

Now, no points for guessing that the school authorities were highly displeased with his action and sent Oliver home.

In response to which, he said, “It’s ridiculous really!”.

Meanwhile his step-father thinks he is a f*cking legend.

As for his mother, she says ‘her little Del Boy’ shouldn’t be ‘punished any further’.

Obviously not encouraging such an action but you gotta spare a few moments to think about his resourcefulness.

Also, legendary parents.