As children, we learn many things and one of them is being nice to people and animals. However, as we grow up, those lessons begin to fade from our memories. 

That’s the time we should look at all the good stuff children around us are doing and strive to be like them. Here are a few instances when kids set wonderful example for us adults to follow. 

1. A young boy from Mizoram melted hearts when he took his neighbour’s chicken to the hospital using his own pocket money, after accidentally running over it. 

The boy took all his saved pocket money and asked the doctors to help him out. He was later rewarded by his school for the same.

2. When faced with a choice between having lunch himself and feeding a stray cat, this kid chose to do the latter with the money he earned from collecting trash.

3. While some of us find it difficult to even share our belongings, a 13-year-old boy from Nevada, USA sold his X Box and secretly bought a car for his mother with the money.

4. In a really thoughtful gesture, 4-year-old Ishaanvi from Mumbai shaved off her hair when she found out her grandmother was losing hers during cancer treatment.

You can read the complete story in the HoB post here. 

5. As we mindlessly pollute our planet, this 11-year-old girl from Mumbai set a perfect example by writing a letter to Anand Mahindra, suggesting steps to curb noise pollution.

“Honking doesn’t make the vehicle move,” she said. Seems like something us adults can’t get a grip on.


6. Disturbed by increasing pollution taking away the beauty of Dal Lake, a 5-year-old Jannat took took the initiative of cleaning the lake upon herself


7. Seeing a homeless boy hungry, this little kid in Manila went and gave him food in a heart-touching gesture.  


We can all learn a thing or two from kids.