Amid acute food shortage because of the pandemic, North Korea leader Kim Jong-un, in a horrific step, has allegedly ordered the citizens to give up their pet dogs so that the animals can be used for meat in the restaurants. 

His reasoning is that owning a pet is a ‘bourgeois ideology’ and a result of capitalism. He argues that only rich people can afford pets and hence wants to take them away. 

So while some dogs will also reportedly be sent to zoos, others are allegedly going to be killed for meat.

To execute this inhuman task, apparently teams have been made to find out families which have pet dogs. Once they are identified, it is pretty much clear: They have to give up on the animal no matter what.

All in all, this is Kim Jong-un’s idea of creating an ‘equal society’ amid an economic crash down due to the pandemic. 

Earlier in 2018, people with dogs as pets were asked to give fur for the Party Foundation Day, an important event in North Korea. 

He made it optional but those who refused had to give rice costing $148 to the state. 

If true, this order in direct violation of animal rights and an absolutely disgusting decision that cannot be criticised enough.