While people self-isolating and are worried about getting access to basic needs amid the lockdown, it seems like the king of Thailand has made arrangements to fulfill his basic needs before self-isolating himself.

Thailand’s controversial king self-isolates in a luxury hotel in the Alphine resort town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen with a harem of 20 women amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

If reports are to be believed, the 67-year-old King Maha Vajiralongkorn, who is also known as Rama X, booked the entire Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl after the hotel received “special permission” from the district council to house his entire entourage.  

Apparently, his entouarge includes a harem of 20 women and numerous servants, however, it is still unclear if he is four wives are also living in hotel with the rest of the group. 

After the coronavirus outbreak, guesthouses and hotels in that region were ordered to remain closed but a spokesperson for the local district said the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl was an exception. 


These were his exact words: 

The guests are a single, homogenous group of people with no fluctuation. 

The news of the king’s apparent self-isolation was met by anger and many took to social media to criticise him and his actions. 

Currently, the total number of confirmed cases in Thailand has risen to 1,245.