The banning of single-use plastic is becoming a habit and that is great for the environment. KitKat has just proven that it is way ahead of the game by turning its packaging into origami.

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According to Unilad, KitKat’s parent company had revealed in January that it would be committing to exclusively using 100% recyclable packaging for its products by 2025.

As a part of this plan, Nestlé’s Japanese branch has launched new packaging for the popular miniature KitKat chocolate bars, which are now wrapped in paper, not plastic.  


The packet will also have instructions to turn it to a classic origami crane, a Japanese messenger for thoughts and wishes. 


According to Statista, this move alone is expected to cut down on roughly 380 tons of plastic each year. Japan happens to be the biggest market for KitKats, of which about 4 million are sold every day. 


Reports state KitKat is expected to do this for all their mini-packs within a month. It will also take similar measures when it comes to their normal sized-products as well, which will happen later during the year.