While it may seem baffling that the government has decided to open liquor shops while talking about maintaining physical distance between people in the same sentence, but these ships are a major source of revenue for the state and right now, it needs the cash!

Source: Indian Express

So to ensure the smooth flowing of liquor taxes and of course, still manage social distancing and to stop overcrowding at liquor shops, the Delhi government on Thursday launched an e-token service with a time slot for people to buy alcohol at any nearby store.

Source: ANI

Firstly, to register you will have to go to 'https://www.qtoken.in/', and give your name and phone number, following which the e-token will be sent to the phone. The state government has said that the token will also be issued for those standing in queues. 

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That seemed like a good idea, till the website crashed within a few hours of its launch due to 'high traffic' and now the link is still not working, a senior official told Hindustan Times

While the Delhi government had given permission to open about 200 shops across the national capital from Monday but due to overcrowding, only 50 shops could be kept open.

Source: India Today

Mind you, the additional tax of 70% on the maximum retail price of liquor is sll to continue in Delhi.