Unilever clean out your mess… That’s right!

Remember the amazing rap by Sofia Ashraf about Unilever’s apathy towards the Kodaikanal mess? Right after that rap went viral, there was a lot of anger on the social media regarding the issue. A lot of NGOs had taken up this cause and Hindustan Unilever was cornered by a lot of activists over this issue.

It also resulted into Unilever CEO Paul Polman coming up with a swift response to solve this PR crisis. It resulted in Hindustan Unilever (HUL) compensating 591 of their ex-workers in Kodaikanal.

Hindustan Unilever had to come up with a reply addressing all the problems raised by Sofia Ashraf. Well, Sofia has now come up with the perfect reply about the same. Here it is:

For the uninitiated, here’s a little bit of background about the infamous case:

Kodaikanal, meaning ‘the gift of the forest’ in Tamil, is a hill station, located in the district of Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. Hindustan Unilever used to have a thermometer factory there. They shut it down but high levels of toxic mercury are still found in vegetation and sediments in the surrounding area of the thermometer factory.

We’ve reached out to Hindustan Unilever and await a response from them.