Age is just a mere number for 77-year-old Swapan Sett from Kolkata who is going viral on social media for two reasons- the love for his wife and music.

And, in a moment you’ll know exactly why his story is all over the internet

Swapan has been playing the violin for the past 19 years and he has been wooing strangers on the streets with his music and artwork. 

In fact, he also started traveling across India to play the violin in order to raise funds for his wife’s cancer treatment. His wife was diagnosed with uterus cancer in 2002. However, she was reportedly cured in 2019. Now, she is leading a healthy life.

But, that doesn’t mean Swapan has stopped playing the violin. Mostly clad in a kurta and dhotti, he still continues to travel and play the violin for the public. And, his passion and love for music has now become the talk of the town. 

He also records his music on CDs that you can buy for ₹130 only. Swapan has received professional training as a violinist from Kolkata’s Oriental Seminary.

Though, this is not the first time that his story has been shared online. In 2019, a Twitter user had shared a clip of him playing the violin on the street. 

His emotional yet, inspiring story has moved netizens. Ever since his story has gone viral, people have been showering praises and well wishes on him.

And, he is in no mood to stop entertaining strangers and wooing them with his soulful melody. 

A great love story indeed.