Indies are truly amazing! And this invincible indie proved to be top-dog in its truest sense when she was the best of the lot in an elite drug-sniffing dog squad.


When she was rescued, Asha was meant to be kept as a pet. But after showing tremendous potential, and a nose to sniff explosives she trained her way into joining the elite squad.


‘Asha’ was rescued 18 months ago in Kolkata when a few children were attacking her with stones.

Now, she’s the first indie dog to be part of a 30-dog strong sniffer squad.

Dipankar Bhattacharya, A senior official at the WB training academy said,

She performed better than her pedigree peers, jumping nearly six feet high and crossing hurdles. She is also our fastest runner.

At the top of her class and the perfect combination of skill & cuteness, Asha is a true winner.