If you are in traffic and you hear an ambulance siren, you will give way to the vehicle, right? 

But will you later brag about it on social media for your awesome act? Most probably not, because for many of us, it’s plain common sense and responsible behaviour.   

However, it’s not the same for the Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah who thought that by not holding up an ambulance by his convoy, he has done such an incredible thing that it must be boasted on social media.

If one tweet patting himself on the back on how he “allowed” the ambulance to go wasn’t enough, the CM went on to retweet a post by the police on the same thing.

Well, we do not wish to take credit away from the CM for being reasonable, given how India’s VIPs hold a terrible record in this area. 

In fact, just two days after Siddaramaiah made the rule that ambulances will not be held up due to VIP movements, a shocking case came to light in state capital Benguluru itself when an ambulance ferrying a 60-year-old critical patient was stopped to give way to a VIP gathering.

Notably, it was a massive outcry on a May 2 incident when Siddaramaiah’s convoy forced an ambulance to be stopped for a few minutes that prompted him to come out with a rule.

But then, the public felt that it was still something CM shouldn’t be bragging about.