Stand up comic Kumal Kamra has a message for young comedians all over the country. In a Facebook post, he shared his experience of being a comedian with an opinion. The comic, who had previously received death threats for his acts on demonetisation and nationalism in today’s India, in his post said that he has been asked to evict his apartment due to his political opinions.


Kamra said that there was a cost to being a comedian with a political opinion. He speaks about how he has lost out on gigs and shows due to his political stand and was given lame reasons by different organisers for the same, while his peers had performed on the same stages.


In his post, the comic said:

Younger Comedians,

You can see his Facebook post here:

He also talks about the alleged hypocrisy of public figures who privately message him saying him that they appreciate his work but never share his work and then deny knowing him or his work when the media asks them about it. 


The crux of the matter is that Kamra has currently been asked to move out of his apartment for his supposed political opinions. And assuming that there is any truth to this matter, it is indeed a state of affairs that a comedian has been made to suffer for the work he has done, which happens to offend some people in power.