On Thursday, India's largest airlines IndiGo announced to the Delhi High court that Kunal Kamra's six-month flying ban for confronting Arnab Goswami was reduced to 3-months. 

Kunal Kamra's Lawyer Prashant Sivrajan further added that IndiGo's internal commmittee closely examined the incident and decided to reduce the ban. 

Source: Qrius

However, Kunal Kamra was indifferent to this ruling. He took to social media to express how he felt and said: 

I have no comment to offer on IndiGo banning me for 3 months instead of the 6 months now. 
Source: Indian Express

Sick and tired of the media wanting him to say something about the reduction in the ban and unregretful of his actions, he further added: 

Instead of seeking my comment I wish more people ask Arnab for a comment. 

Read Kunal's public statement here: