After his now viral encounter with Arnab Goswami on the plane, Kunal Kamra has issued a public statement, throwing light on what exactly happened during the flight. 

Kunal noted that when initially approached, Arnab pretended to be on a call and so he waited a bit for him to get free. Later, he gave a him a ‘monologue on journalism’, to which Arnab allegedly responded by calling Kunal ‘mentally unstable’.

Twitter/Kunal Kamra

Kunal also gave some details about how his passionate ‘rant’ – which became a topic of national interest within minutes – came about. You can read the same, below.

Twitter/Kunal Kamra

In the end, he requested people not to make the entire thing about him or his bravery, and urged them to focus on who he did this for – Rohith Vemula. Kunal also made it clear that he is apologetic to everyone who was present in the plane – excluding that ‘one’ person.

Twitter/Kunal Kamra

The video, uploaded by Kunal earlier during the day, is already doing rounds on the internet – and people have a lot to say about it.

Kunal and Arnab couldn’t be more different from each other and the news of them meeting, was bound to cause ripples. However, no one would have thought this is how things would turn out.

You can watch the video, here, in case you missed it earlier.