While I dream of running into my crush at least once a year at a party or something, Arnab and Kunal have met each other twice within a span of 24 hours. While flying. How is that for an interesting story?

After their last night’s encounter on the flight – which is national news now – they ended up being together on the flight. Again.

However, things were not much different from last evening. We know only Kunal’s side of the story (because Arnab is shockingly silent) and will have to go with that, for now.

On both days he tried to talk to Arnab and on both days Arnab refused.

Unlike last evening, there was no video from Kunal today, though.

Coming to THAT video, well…

It resulted in their names becoming top trends for hours.

A ton of memes. 

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100-200 le le jaldi land kara de

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Thousands of arguments AND Kunal’s suspension from three airlines as I write this article. 

Jab Kunal Met Arnab – I’d say that’s legendary.