While Donald Trump has emerged as America’s most notorious political motormouth making outrageous statements about his rivals, India has had its very own version since decades. Lalu Prasad Yadav has been called a clown as well as a genius by people, but love him or hate him, you cannot ignore him.

Recently, Lalu trolled Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. Lalu referred to Modi as a brahm pis ach (a dangerous ghost), and called BJP president Amit Shah a narbhakshi (man eater).

“Modi is a brahm pisach and he needs to be chased away with black magic. That man — Amit Shah — is a man eater,” Lalu said while responding to a question from reporters.

As mercury rises in the Bihar elections, we look at the wittiest and the most ridiculous statements by Lalu.

1.When Lalu compared his sentiments about poor roads to BJP’s Hema Malini.

“I will make Bihar’s roads as smooth as Hema Malini’s cheeks.”

2. Here’s how he saw Narendra Modi’s ambition.

‘Narendra Modi will go mad in the next few days. He is mad in his desire to become the Prime Minister of our nation.”

3. Then here are a few words about his new friend he would like to forget.

“Nitish Kumar has lost confidence… he is proving to be a ranchhor (battle-deserter) commander with the NDA defeat becoming certain in the coming elections.”

4. He really does want to forget his past with Nitish Kumar.

“We talked against each other in baal kaal (childhood phase) and have forgotten all those things now.”

5. Lalu can be brutally honest sometimes.

A man as fat as Amit Shah shouldn’t have entered the lift. Lifts in Bihar are small and not made to carry such fat people.”

6. And then he went on to destroy Shah.

“That man (Amit Shah) is a man eater.”

7. Lalu has the ultimate solution for the Modi wave.

“Modi is a brahm pisach and he needs to be chased away with black magic.”

8. He took a barb at right wing forces in his cheeky style.

“Those who talk of gau raksha (protection of cows), keep dogs as pets instead of cows. You do know who these people are, don’t you?”

9. He had also expressed his ambition to become PM.

“Everyone has the desire, Mayawati has the desire, even I have a desire to become PM. But I am not in a hurry.”

10. He pointed out interesting possibilities for Anna Hazare’s hunger strike.

“Doctors should conduct a research on Annajee and tell us what we should eat to be able to sit on a fast unto death at such an old age for 12 days.”

11. Sometimes, Lalu’s jokes can also catch you off guard.

“If Hema Malini is my fan, then I am her air conditioner.”

12. This memorable one liner is the best reply to all his competitors.

Jab tak samose mei rahega aalu, Bihar mei rahega Lalu .”

The undisputed wordsmith of Indian politics never minces his words and has his own blunt style of taking on rivals. He may win or lose but he keeps moving ahead, mimicking and blasting opposition as he goes.

If making spectacular speeches and coming up with ridiculous nicknames is an evident part of Indian politics, then Lalu surely is the rockstar of Indian politics.