Sikhs all over the world are known for their generosity. They run humanitarian relief agencies based on the teachings of Sikh Gurus who preached well being of all humanity. Khalsa Aid is one such organisation which has been providing aid in many disasters in the form of their project Langar Aid they continue to do this despite being mistaken for the ISIS by the Syrian refugees they are serving in Iraq.

They have taken the concept of the community kitchen to the conflict-torn region of Syria. IS fighters were destroying the food supplies which were sent for the Yazidis. So, Langar Aid started a bakery with the help of Khalsa Aid, Joint Help for Kurdistan, and the local government in Duhok.

Ravi Singh, CEO of Khalsa Aid said that refugees often mistake them for the IS “because of our appearance”, but that has not stopped them for continuing their work, reported Times of India .

We salute the efforts of the Punjabi NRIs who have tied up with locals to provide around 14,000 refugees in the region with food everyday.

We are in awe of the wonderful work being done by Langar Aid not just in Syria but also in Serbia , Yemen , Haiti , Manipur and Nepal among other places.

More power to you, Langar Aid!