Larry Tesler, the computer scientist, who invented cut, copy, paste passed away, this Monday, 17th February.

Born in 1945 in New York, Tesler graduated from the Stanford University in California and worked as a researcher at Xerox. He came up with the idea of cut, copy and paste while working at Xerox.

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Later, he joined Apple and worked there for 17 years. His contributions on various projects, including Lisa, Newton, and Macintosh are worth knowing.

After leaving Apple, he set up an education start-up and also worked for other tech giants like Amazon and Yahoo.


You can see his CV on his website, which mentions the work done by him. In his CV, he modestly wrote,

I have been mistakenly identified as “the father of the graphical user interface for the Macintosh.” I was not. However, a paternity test might expose me as one of its many grandparents.

People remembered his contributions in making the use of personal computers easy for us and paid their tributes to the genius on Twitter.

RIP, legend.