Recently, the cover story for the January 23 edition of The Economist focused on the rise of an 'intolerant' India under the rule of PM Modi. 

The Economist India Cover
Source: The Economist

It's certainly not the first time that The Economist has written a cover story on PM Modi or the state of affairs in India. Only, this time, the cover story is starkly opposite to their story from 2010, when the conversation was about India's expected pace of growth. At the time, India was under the rule of the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government of Manmohan Singh.

the Economist 2010 cover
Source: The Economist

Consequently, Twitterati compared the two stories, and took it as a way to comment on the way India has 'developed' over the last decade: 

This isn't the first time that foreign media, including The Time, The Economist, and others, has called out Indian politicians and the way the country is functioning under a BJP-dominated rule. However, despite international criticism and people's protests, there seems to be little change in the way the government is functioning.