Remember the Iceland commentator who set the internet on fire with his commentary during the team’s final group match against Austria? 

Well, here it is:

Well the man has only gone and done it again! And why not, this time tiny nation Iceland defeated ‘mighty’ England in the first ever knockout match in European Championships. 

 Gudmundur Benediktsson is fast becoming an internet sensation!

Go ahead, have a listen:

WOW! He is getting better at this.

And he did not stop there. According to this report in Guardian, his commentary at the final whistle translates to this:

This is done! This is done! We are never going home! Did you see that! Did you see that! Never wake me from this amazing dream. Boo as you like England! Iceland is going to play France on Sunday. France Iceland! You can go home. You can go out of Europe. You can go wherever the hell you want. England 1 Iceland 2 is the closing score here in Nice. And the fairytale continues.

Now that you know what he’s saying, here’s what that sounds like:

Fun fact: Days after his video vent viral in the match against Austria, Gudmundur Benediktsson had to resign from his day job, a football coach because his team was struggling in the league back in Iceland.

Wonder how the man looks during all this? Well, here you go. We have got you covered:

The quarter-finals haven’t even started yet, but we have absolutely no doubt in our minds that Iceland are the biggest winners this tournament, thanks no less to this breath-taking commentator!

Featured image source: AFP