Nothing makes a vacation more memorable than a leopard. 

Don’t believe us? Ask his couple from Meerut. They were vacationing in the idyllic surroundings of Nainital when they found a leopard pacing about in their room early on Sunday morning.

At 4:45 am, the big cat smashed a window pane to get into the room forcing Sumit Rathore and his wife Shivani  to hide behind the bed so that it wouldn’t see them.

b’Sumit Rathore and his wife Shivani | Twitter @htTweets’

As the animal walked into the washroom, Sumit bolted the door from outside and locked in the big cat in. He then raised an alarm, Ranger Pramod Tiwari said.

Watch the video below of the big cat inside the hotel bathroom below:

“I quickly covered my wife and myself with the blanket and saw the leopard enter the bathroom. I rushed to close the bathroom door and called the hotel management,” said Sumit, a tourist from Meerut, speaking to Hindustan Times

A forest department team arrived with a cage and tranquiliser gun to trap the leopard, but it jumped out of the ventilator in the bathroom and ran off into the nearby forest, he said.

The one-and-half-year-old leopard had sought refuge in the hotel room after being chased by wild dogs, the ranger said.

Tthe Hindustan Times report also said that while Sumit was miffed with the window grill not being strong enough to keep out wild animals, Shivani was happy that she could witness a leopard from such close distance.

Earlier this month, a black Himalayan bear was spotted roaming the streets of Nainital.

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(Feature image source: Twitter)