The national capital, Delhi, has been suffering from acute power shortage over the last few weeks and this time around the Piyush Goyal, Minister of State with Independent Charge for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy, happened to bear the burnt of it.

Just when the minister was talking to journalists, during a press conference that he had called in capital, about the improvements and achievements made in the power sector in the last two years under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the lights went out.

The minister was in the middle of talking about his ministry’s achievements, titled in the booklet called “Ujjwal Bharat two years” when he had to eat his words… in the dark.

Despite the blackout, the minister went ahead with his speech. And seconds later the lights did turn on, only to go off again!

Surely enough, there couldn’t have been a more embarrassing moment for the minister. 

There were power cuts during the two-hour long presser not once or twice, but multiple times, but Goyal seemed unfazed with the awkward situation. In fact, he tried to save his face with a funny anecdote that he shared. 

He said ‘My wife tells me that power should go off once in every program that I hold so that I can be sure that I have miles to go before I rest and sleep. I don’t know if now they’ve made it a practice because of her guidance or it is actually gone’.

Well, what can we say but just this. Mr. Minister before you boast of the achievements, please check the ground reality. That may save you from an awkward situation the next time.

Watch here ‘the power ministry presser with embarrassing power cuts’