Science is at that pinnacle where there’s a solution for almost everything. Yet, there happen to be things that we are just not able to find our way around. If you thought that heart attacks and the likes are the only things that killed you instantly, here’s something to open your eyes. We have here a list of ten diseases so life threatening that they can be result in death within twenty four hours.

1. Dengue Fever

It’s spread by being bitten by an infected mosquito. The symptoms include muscle pain, internal hemorrhaging and fever as high as 41 C. It calls for immediate treatment else the platelets will be destroyed which will cause them to bleed into the body’s cavities.


2. Ebola

No cure has been found as of now and 70% of the infected people will die. It spreads through bodily fluids. The white blood cells are ruptured resulting in internal bleeding and bleeding through nose, eyes, rectum and ears. It ultimately leads to death.


3. Bubonic Plague

It enters the body through the bite of an infected flea that causes the growth of inflamed pustules called buboes. Other than vomiting blood and seizures, victims also experience necrosis, a condition where the limbs begin to rot while the patient is alive. If untreated 60% patients die on the same day.

4. Enterovirus D 68

A deadly respiratory disease that spreads through saliva and surfaces like doorknobs and towels. It attacks the breathing and motor system of the body, killing the victim overnight. No cure has been found yet.


5. Cholera

This disease causes severe dehydration, vomiting and diarrhoea. The bacteria attacks the small intestine resulting in a loss of 1 litre of fluid every hour due to diarrhea. It can also cause the blood to thicken which leads to organ failure and death.



Caused by a drug resistant super bug, it destroys blood vessels and lung tissue. The bug locates bacterial entry points such as surgical wounds. It makes its way to the lungs through the bloodstream, causing the lungs to rot. Victims experience pneumonia and later asphyxiation causes organ failure and death.


7. Cerebrovascular Disease

It cuts off the vital nutrients and oxygen to the body either killing or permanently disabling its victims. If not treated within 3-6 hours it can prove to be fatal. A cerebrovascular attack causes numbness in the face and dizziness. Survivors are usually left blind and unable to speak. It also causes the locked in syndrome which causes head to toe paralysis with the brain functions intact.


8. Chagas Disease

Caused by the blood sucking ‘Kissing Bug’ that bites the victims around the mouth while they sleep, transmitting a deadly parasite into the bloodstream. It then attacks and destroys the cardiovascular system. Victims usually do not realize and suffer from cardiac arrests that are fatal if not given immediate resuscitation.


9. Meningococcal Disease

It’s the most common cause of bacterial meningitis. It attacks the brains membranes by gaining passage through the bloodstream. Within 24 hours victims experience headache, a purple rash and an aversion to light. IF not treated immediately, the lungs fill up with fluid and gangrene is triggered throughout the body. One out of three people are not able to make it out alive.


10. Necrotizing Fasciitis

It’s an invasive bacterial infection that attacks the body’s tissue. It’s generally found in hospital patients with an open wound, but it can also infect people with paper cuts. Once inside the wound, the bacteria releases toxins that rot the body tissues. Amputation is the only way to stop the bacteria from spreading. Still, one in three patients are not able to make it out alive.


Take care, people!