Thanks to the Internet and digital media, today’s consumers are well informed. We don’t hesitate in raising our voice against any injustice, and with so many forums and platforms enabling us to put forward our point, we know that our rights are protected. That’s one. 

Now of course, the digital revolution isn’t biased towards the consumers, and gives an equal opportunity to the marketeers as well, to engage in trustworthy dialogue and maintain their consumers’ trust. 

Everyday, we come across many posts of consumers registering their complaints on public platforms. But this time, it’s a well known tea brand which released a video countering a consumer’s claim.

Earlier this month, a woman, believed to be in Dubai, shared a video on her Facebook account, claiming that there were live worms in the tea bags of the lemon-flavoured Lipton Green Tea. 

In the video, which first went viral in the Middle East, the woman claimed that the packets were within the expiry period.

Source: ketfoen

The incident took an interesting turn when Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), which owns the tea brand Lipton, released a video refuting the claim. The popular tea brand took to social media to deny the accusation that there were worms in the tea. 

In the video, HUL said, “There are no worms in Lipton Lemon Green tea bags. They are flavour pieces, which dissolve in hot water.” 

Be watchful of what you believe on the Internet!