Thursday, 19th December, saw nationwide bandhs and protests in India against the Citizenship Amendment Act recently passed by the parliament.

The protests turned violent in the Shah-e-Alam area of Ahmedabad when protestors started pelting stones on the policemen. But humanity prevailed as a few men came forward to shield the policemen from angry mob.


According to a report by India Today, some policemen had to take cover in a small shop on the side of a road as they were outnumbered by the protestors.


In a video that has gone viral, cops can be seen shielding themselves with chairs. The angry mob also stopped the police vehicle and started pelting stones.

Amid all the tension, 30 people were also detained by the Gujarat police in Ahmedabad. Talking to TOI, Badruddin Shaikh, a civic corporator, said:

Boys in our area ran and threw themselves in front of an angry mob to protect policemen. In the end, humanity prevailed.

Reports also suggest that at least 19 policemen were injured in the same incident.