Over the past few days, at least 80 migrants traveling on trains died due to dehydration, ill-health and lack of food. Some of them are still going without food and water for days and it’s heartbreaking to see them suffer like this. 


But, there are some angels out there who believe in helping and this time those kind souls were some locals from Bihar. 

They extended a helping hand by offering the migrant labourers food on-board a train. 

Recently, a special train for migrants stopped for sometime in a village in Bihar and the passengers were surprised and overwhelmed to see help come their way. 

In a kind gesture, locals from Bihar gathered near the train and offered migrant labourers food. In the video, that is going viral, locals can be seen rushing towards the train with food packets in their hands. 

In the second half of the video, three young men can also be seen handing over a basket full of food items to a passenger through the window of the train. 

A few days ago, passengers on their way to Mizoram from Bangalore shared food items along the tracks with those who were affected by the floods in Assam and the neighbouring regions.  

This viral video clip is winning hearts on the internet. 

This heart-warming video captures the true spirit of India.