While things seem to be normalising, at least in a relative sense, the threat of coronavirus still looms large. Just because you can now get non-essential items delivered to you doesn't mean a global pandemic is ending any time soon.

And now, on the eve of the government preparing to open India up, the country registered its highest single-day spike of COVID-19 cases with 8380 new infections.

According to Outlook, this was just in the last 24 hours, and it has taken the country's tally to 1,82,143, while the death toll has risen to 5,164.

Source: NDTV

Currently, the number of active cases stands at 89,995, while 86,983 people have recovered. But what's worrying is the removal of lockdown even as cases spike daily.

Source: Economic Times

Around 47.75% of patients have recovered so far, but with inter-state transport and things like religious places and malls opening up, it's likely that cases will increase as well.