5000 years ago in March, my office gave work from home to all the employees in wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

And we were excited.

We’ll work in pyajamas, daaru piyenge, nap bhi lenge. Who is going to know? 

Cut to: 

We soon realised (as nicely put by someone in this tweet) that we are not working from home; we are in fact, living at work.

Because the day isn’t divided into parts anymore.

It isn’t getting ready, going to work, coming back home.

Now it looks more like: 

Getting up, w—-o—r—k—i—n—g, sleep.

Truly, office work or household chores, either way you are busy.

You complete one deadline given by the senior and suddenly remember arey bartan. And as soon as you finish washing bartan, another order comes from the senior.

It’s the same with other things too. 

Lunch during calls, and snacks during zoom meetings.

At this point, I think people know more about my ketchup intake than my job profile.

Also, what’s bothersome is the illusion that because someone is working from home, the breaks can be done away with.

That’s not fair.

While everyone who has the option of staying inside, is beyond grateful for the opportunity, it does get a bit overwhelming to be at it, constantly. 

The merging of these two worlds isn’t too great if you ask me, which puts a lot of things into perspective.

If working from home was this amazing, why would companies rent/buy offices at all? I am sure someone would have figured it is better this way.

That didn’t happen because it isn’t better.

The amount of things that need to be done have increased, and so have the distractions.

In office, you have corners where you can go and concentrate. But at home, parents will find you no matter where you go.

And they will say these golden words: Itna kaam hota bhi hai ya aise hi time pass karti ho?

Of course it’s time pass. What else did you think I was being paid for?

I mean, I don’t want to sound like a brat. It is nice to have family around, especially in these times, but having a space dedicated to work in office is something I miss badly. 

Also because you are always at home, the accessibility increases. Which isn’t always a good idea.

Several people on the internet have complained how they have been asked to do things after they have completed the day’s work. And this has been happening for months. 

In some cases, they are even expected to make up for the work that would have been done by the employees who got fired due to the pandemic.

All in all, the situation is unbearable at this point and I miss the structure office brought. Someone stop this already.