Bra spelled backwards is Arb, which doesn’t make sense, just like bras themselves.

And if there is one good thing about the lockdown, it’s the fact that we don’t have to wear these monster undergarments.

You know? Our minds might be engulfed in thoughts but our breasts are now free. 

It’s like someone has “taken weight off our chests”.

I, for one, haven’t looked at them for more than a month. There is no need, as well.

No interaction with the society so the rules it imposes don’t apply now.

And no going out means no wearing fancy dresses that need fancy lingerie. 

All in all, things are great in this one department. 

Who would have thought about it, though? That we will be feeling the relief of taking out the bra after a 15-hour-long work day, for 2 months!

That our breasts will finally get independence they have been fighting for, for years.

No excuse was ever good enough for not wearing a bra.

Long hours in school? Don’t care.

Working out? Don’t care.

Weather too hot? Don’t care.

The answer was always karna padta hai. Well guess what, ab nahin karna padta and our lives are just fine.

 Sad though, that it took a lockdown for the world to come to terms with this.

The pokey underwire, the pads, the straps which are always either too tight or too lose – none of those are needed now as we wear the the same shirt for the 3rd day straight.

Just like many others, I have a fear, though. That I might get too accustomed to this lifestyle.

I can’t even imagine the pain of having to wear a bra again. Every day.

But I suppose that’s inevitable.

So, unless you are someone who has to/likes to wear a bra, enjoy these days, ladies, because sooner or later someone will come and say woh aapka strap dikh raha hai and you will feel like punching them.