Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday tabled The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill after the Lok Sabha voted in favour of introducing it in the house.

The bill was introduced with 293 voting in favour and 82 voting against it. 

Speaking amid a much-heated debate that lasted close to 90 minutes, Amit Shah claimed the bill would have been unnecessary had Congress not divided the country based on religion. 

The opposition, on the contrary, believed that the bill violates the core principal of equality in the constitution. 

As leaders like Akhilesh Yadav, Shashi Tharoor, Prahlad Joshi and Amit Shah exchanged heated arguments, Twitter was not sure how to react and had mixed emotions. 

Some simply believed it was a violation of their constitutional rights: 

While others believed it was a great day for the nation: 

People were also seen protesting against the bill in different parts of the country. 

Though the introduction of the CAB has found successful majority there’s a long way to go before the bill gets passed.

More updates are awaited after the complete discussion in both the houses of the Parliament.