Reticulated python, which is the longest snake species in the world, laid 28 eggs in Kolkata’s Alipore Zoo, and 20 of them hatched. 

As per an India Today report, the eggs were cautiously preserved at 30-33 degrees Celsius after being collected and sealed using various materials. 

Two other species of Python – Rock and Burmese – laid 2 eggs, of which both hatched and 41 eggs, of which 34 hatched, respectively. 

The pythons normally lay 10-15 eggs in one go, making this a massive breeding for the Alipore zoo officials to boast about. 

Ashish Kumar Samanta, Director Alipore Zoo told the newspaper “We are very proud. We have made history. This is due to the sincere efforts of the team. We carefully sealed the eggs and monitored the temperature conditions.”

(Feature image source: Twitter/ANI)