Australia and England have a fabled rivalry in cricket, playing The Ashes and producing some fiery moments with bat and ball. But away from the MCG or Lord’s are two men having their own battle — The Ashes of burping.

Australia’s Neville Sharp and England’s Paul Hunn are locked in an almighty competition, resulting in decibel-busting burps in a bid to make it to the Guinness Book of World Records.

A 2009 video of Paul Hunn trying to break his own record:

Sharp had unofficially broken Hunn’s record on February 23 with a 110.6 decibel belch but the Englishman shot back with a 117.9 decibel burp 24 hours later, the BBC reports. Just to give you an idea of how loud these burps are — a chainsaw emits around 110 decibels.

Both records are still to be verified by Guinness.

“My sister taught me how to gulp the air down and I figured out you could store a bit more in there with a can of soft drink,” Sharp is quoted as saying in the report, adding:  “I’ve made constant improvement, but find a nice cold beer followed with an icy cold glass of water as a chaser helps.”

Sharp is planning a burp-return in April-May.

Feature image source: YouTube