This is Louie, a blind cat, who has now become an internet sensation with almost 30,000 followers on Instagram. 

In his early days, Louie went through a lot of hardship and turmoil as he was abandoned by his mother, litter and previous owners, according to reports

Louie was rescued by a London based moggy-lover (mixed breed), Kerry Denman a few years ago who shared her pet’s inspiring story on Instagram. Now, Kerry documents Louie’s life for his 30,000 fans.

In an interview with Metro Kerry said, “He’d been rejected by his mother and litter (his mother a moggy, his father was a stray). As the owners immediately told me to ignore him, I had to assume they didn’t think he warranted interest to be adopted. What did that mean? He’d end up in a shelter? Or worse?”

In case you are wondering, Louie has bright blue eyes because he was born without tear ducts or pupils. Now, he maps out his territory by using his whiskers and ears to figure out the world around him. 

But, apart from being blind, Louie also suffers from some health problems. 

Kerry opened up to Metro about her cat’s kidney disease, curved spine and a leg that doesn’t function properly in a bid to create awareness and get support for cats with special needs.

Kerry initially set up Louie’s Instagram account on March 2019 as a memorial because she thought he was going to die of kidney disease but, he is stable now. 

“Thinking I was going to lose him has made me realise that he won’t be around forever and I want a place that’s just him”, says Kerry

In 2018, Kerry and her cat moved in with Kerry’s partner in London and he has formed a great bond with Louie.

Here are some more pictures of Louie that will make you fall in love with this cute ball of fur. 

Seems like this sweet, fuzzy creature has gone through a lot in life, in terms of health issues but, he is quite a fighter and he deserves to be loved. 

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