Some people love to dress up, go out and party. But there are others who would rather stay in bed all day long, with a book and a cup of coffee. It’s either because they like being left alone with their thoughts or they’re just plain lazy.

Whatever the reason, here are 15 things that you’ll agree with if you love staying at home:

1. You would choose pajamas over people any day.

Because pajamas don’t judge you.

2. You hate getting ready.

Take a bath. Look for clean clothes. Put them on. Brush your hair. Look for shoes. So much hassle!

3. You would rather read a book or browse the web than go out.

4. You have the numbers of all home delivery places on speed dial.

5. The delivery guy recognizes you and sometimes even gives free goodies.

6. Your only steady relationship is with your sleep.

7. You never have to worry about having a hangover.

8. Your friends and family are always concerned. You have to keep explaining that you are totally fine being on your own at home.

9. Even if you do go out, your comfy bed is all that you dream of.

10. Your definition of a perfect day is food, bed, book and laptop.

11. You would rather drink at home than go to a bar.

12. You are not a party person but you believe that house parties were invented for you.

13. You prefer watching a movie on your laptop than going to a theater.

Movie marathons. FTW!

14. The only shopping you do is grocery shopping.

So that you can stock up a month’s ration of food in your fridge.

15. Internet is your only connection with the outside world.

Staying at home is tax free and there is nowhere else we’d rather be. All GIFS sourced from here

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