You don’t necessarily need to have all the money in the world to help someone in need, sometimes all you need is a heart of gold. 

Here’s one such story that will reinstate your faith in humanity. 

Despite being 80-years-old, Mujibullah, who’s a coolie by profession in Lucknow, is providing free services to migrants at the railway station. 

He’s not only helping them with their luggage but, he’s also providing them with food and he refuses to take money for his services. 

Mujibullah works 8-10 hours daily at Charbag station and he manages to lift around 50 kgs even at the age of 80 which is commendable. When he was asked as to why he is helping migrants free of cost, he said it is his duty. 

This generous man walks 6 kms everyday to work to help those in need. His efforts have also been recognised by Priyanka Gandhi who awarded him with a certificate of appreciation for his kind gesture. 

Even a small gesture can make a huge difference. Truly inspiring!