A police officer from Lucknow, named Tej Prakash Singh, was removed from his post after the video of 75-year-old woman pleading him to file an FIR for the death of her grandson, went viral

According to a report by NDTV, the woman in the video is Brahma Devi, whose 20-year-old grandson Akash Yadav died after reportedly getting crushed under a malfunctioning machine at a plywood company he worked at. 

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In the video, she can be seen crying and pleading at the police officer’s feet to file the complaint as he casually sits on his chair. 

Tej was working at the Gudamba police station, which was ironically ranked among top 3 police stations in India, with Union Minister Rajnath Singh praising the staff for being ‘courteous’.

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Lucknow Police later issued a statement saying that the said officer has been removed from his post and an inquiry is being conducted. 

The woman wanted a report to be filed against the owner of the plywood company, Ajay Gupta, who has been missing since the incident happened. 

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The FIR has reportedly been filed, now, and police is taking action to get to the root of the case.