While owning a car is an expensive ambition, commuting to different places via public transport can also take up lot of your money. 

Not if you live in Luxembourg. That’s because starting today, use of all public transport will be completely free in the country. 


According to India Today, in an attempt to reduce traffic jams the country decided to offer free public transport across the entire country. 

This is the first time it will be feasible to have free public transportation services throughout the country. 

Interesting Engineering

The decision was taken to bring down congestion and traffic jams, while allowing the citizens to save around €100 (₹7900) approximately. 

Even though all the services will be entirely free for passengers travelling in the economy class, people will have to pay the regular fare to be able to get first-class flight or train tickets. 

Lux Times

According to a survey, conducted in 2018, most people in Luxembourg travel via private cars. 

The survey reveals that 32% people use buses whereas, only 19% of the entire population travels by a train. 


Apart from the growing use of private cars, the slow construction of a tram (going on for years) is also a reason why there are big traffic jams across the main streets in Luxembourg. 

The move to make public transport free will hopefully make things smoother for the citizens and tourists alike.