India is celebrating its most colourful festival, Navratri & Durga Pooja. And this story from Jharkhand is the kind of progress we need for our women. 

Meet Madhvi Pal, who is running her husband’s idol-making business alone now. 

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Though it is perceived as a profession for men, many women today, beating the odds, have taken up Idol making as their profession.

Madhvi Pal is also the first female idol maker Jharkhand. She says, “I started this in 2012 after my husband died. It was his business. I will continue doing this as long as I am alive.”


After her husband’s death, she had two children to look after. Being the only bread winner in the family, Madhvi took the responsibility to carry forward her husband’s business. 

Talking about her initial years, Madhvi explained how she faced skepticism from her workers. But, she won them over after taking good care of her workers & continues to do so.

When I decided to continue my husband’s business, the workers did not trust me at first whether I would be able to manage it or pay them on time. But I always provided them with a bonus along with a salary so that they can be happy. 
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Most of her idols are sold in nearby villages like Tipudana, Ramgarh & more. She has managed to keep her business afloat & is taking good care of her family.  

Including Madhvi Pal there are many more women taking up the idol-making business & doing well in it.