When you think of railway stations in India, the first thing that comes to your mind is crowded platforms. But the newly launched premier waiting lounge at the Madurai Railway Station might just change your opinion. 

The waiting lounge offers the kind of comfort and amenities that you’d expect at an airport – but  IRCTC may have just stepped it up a bit.

Reportedly, with an entry fee of only ₹150, the lounge offers WiFi, entertainment services along with food, beverage, shower and change room facilities. 

There are separate charges for using internet and print services and recliners. After the two-hour waiting time is over, passengers will be charged a nominal fee of ₹50 per hour. 

Apparently, the IRCTC has given the license to operate the waiting lounge to RMD Hotels and Resorts Pvt Ltd. 

As per reports, the retiring rooms have also been upgraded to include buffet and laundry services, doctor on call, and other services. 

Now, this is one time you won’t mind missing a train! 

All images from TimesNow