There isn’t a shortage of Maggi lovers in the country. And for Delhiites who really want to eat their favourite 2 minute treat, they can buy it in black at places like Vasant Vihar and other parts of South Delhi. The price for a 10 rupee packet in black is Rs 102. And of course, Maggi faithfuls have been paying the amount, which is 10 times the real price, to get a taste of the banned product.

Is Maggi making a come b(l)ack?


One person cannot buy more than 2 packets.

It sounds like an illegal drug being sold, especially since it is only given to familiar faces and passed around in black packets. Moreover, apart from setting whatever price they feel like, shopkeepers are also setting a limit on the quantity. One person cannot buy more than two packets.


“If people are ready to buy these at whatever price we quote then why throw it away?”

Shopkeepers are charging whatever they feel like for the 75 gram packet. A shopkeeper in Vasant Vihar told HT, “This batch was not taken from us. So instead of just throwing it away we are selling it to people. If people are ready to buy these at whatever price we quote, then why throw it away?”, whereas some grocers in South Delhi are taking orders on the phone and delivering the packets to their customers.

Rashmi Sinha, 29, put it perfectly on behalf of all Maggi lovers when she told HT, “We have been having Maggi for so many years. I think we are immune to the lead content in it. If adulteration had to stop us from having food in this country then we would starve to death.”