For years, the pro-cannabis lobby has been expounding upon the benefits of marijuana in terms of revenue and the kind of money a country can make. Now, a Maharashtra farmer has joined their ranks. 

Anil Patil, a farmer from Solapur in Maharashtra recently applied for permission from the district administration to grow cannabis on his farm, claiming it fetches a good rate.

According to The New Indian Express, he said that there was no fixed price for any agricultural produce in his application letter to the Solapur district collector. This was resulting in massive losses.

The district administration, for their part, forwarded the application to the police, who claimed it ‘seems like a publicity stunt’.

Patil asked for permission by September 15 to grow the plants. If he didn’t get a response, he would assume he’s been given the go ahead and would start the cultivation from September 16.

If any offence is registered against me for ganja cultivation, the administration will be responsible.

If he does start cultivating cannabis, the police claimed they will use the NDPS Act against him.