The pandemic has forced education to move online across India. And while we have the world’s second-largest internet user base, unequal and patchy connectivity is making it difficult for students to continue their study.

Students, particularly in the remote Indian villages, are left searching for the Internet. 


Despite all the challenges, some students are not letting their dedication to study die amid the pandemic. While some are studying on the terrace of their homes in search of network, others like this girl have to climb hills.

She is Swapnil from a small village of Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra who is pursuing her studies in Veterinary Sciences from a college in Mumbai.

She climbs a hill in her village to attend online classes, every day, without fail.

Swapnil told BBC that initially she used to attend online lectures sitting under a tree. But later, when her classes for 3rd year also started, she climbed atop a hill. She even carried an umbrella when it rained.

The sound of the rain made it difficult for her to listen to the lectures and this is when her family built a small hut for her on the hill.

Swapnil is not the only student facing such issues. Lakhs of children in villages do not have access to internet and the pandemic is making things worse for them.