As the Coronavirus outbreak and the 21-day lockdown has pushed us to keep a minimum of 6-feet-distance with everybody, a wedding in Maharastra was officiated over a video call. 

Source: ANI

While the banquet halls remain closed amidst the lockdown, in a small scale ceremony, Mohammad Minhajudd, the groom who's from Aurangabad exchanged his wedding vows with the bride who was in Beed. 

Source: News18 ( Representational Image)

Mohammad Gayaz, the bridegroom's father said that the marriage was fixed six months ago, way before the fear of the pandemic started ruling our life.  

Source: Promise Ring

The Qazi who performed the rituals for the marriage said that both the families were happy as their kids got married at a minimal expense in the comfort of their own home and ended up saving a lot of money. 

Looks like Coronavirus couldn't keep these two lovebirds apart.